I'm Paul, I am Wingnut Photography and I love taking photos. Having studied photography when I was younger (back in the days of film roll and dark rooms) a foundation was laid for me to eventually have a camera glued to my hand either for fun or professionally.

The real world got in the way and through necessity I had ‘normal’ jobs for nearly 20 years, engulfed in corporate politics and power point whilst being reasonably successful and meeting some of my best friends. Over the years my enthusiasm to work for someone else became a frustration. Why am I working so hard to be a number on a spreadsheet? This drove me to take the plunge, set up my business and be a photographer. I had the skillset which I had fine-tuned over the years I just needed to network, get on with the marketing and believe in myself. 

Why do I love photography? There is ultimately something satisfying about capturing a moment that can never be replicated. Planning a shoot for a month, waiting for the perfect light or taking that first shot with a new bit of kit or seeing the emotion on a client's face because of something I have produced is the best feeling.

Get in touch and let’s talk about what you’re trying to achieve.